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About Us

Stinson’s Country Style Meats humanely slaughters and butchers your animal(s), leaving you with beautifully aged meat cuts of your choice. We are dedicated to providing you delicious, nourishing meat to feed your family!

“Bring Us Your Best and We'll Do the Rest”

Guaranteed Quality Meat Services


We provide a full list of meat processing services so all you have to do is bring us your animals and we will prepare them for your dinner table!

Stinson’s Country Style Meats is your local butcher, local slaughterhouse, local smokehouse and local meat processing facility all in one.

Unlike many other facilities, our clients receive meat from their own animals and their animals only. No other unknown animals are mixed in with your meat.

We handcraft bacon, ground beef, ground pork, venison, lamb, jerky, ham, a variety of sausages, and so much more!

Stinson’s is the only full-service, meat processing facility within a 50-mile radius of Houston, Minnesota.

We work with efficiency to bring you the highest quality meat processing services. We have perfected our butchering and meat preparation to bring you the best meat your animal(s) can provide.

Our Story

Efficient. Genuine. Local. Quality.

Providing Food for Families Since 2018.


After having worked in the industry for a combined 32 years, our founders, Jamie and Michelle Stinson, tried to buy a local meat market. After the sale fell through, they started with a mobile, on-site slaughter operation. After two years, in March 2020, they opened Stinson's Country Style Meats with Michelle's parents, Dave and Kathie Erdmann.

We are a small, but quickly growing operation that is proud of how far we have come in such a short amount of time. We are excited to continue providing delicious food for Midwest families.


Our Aging Process

We are not your typical slaughterhouse. After we slaughter and butcher the animal, we age the meat for 14 days so it is as sweet and tender as possible. We will ensure you receive tightly wrapped, tasty, ready to be cooked meat that is worth your hard earned money!

Cuts of Meat

If you aren't sure which cuts of meats you want and what part of the animal that cut of meat is from, we are proud to educate our customers on exactly what their animals can provide them and what part(s) of the animal they come from!


Let's Eat.


Stinson’s Country Style Meats is located at 402 W Cedar St, Houston, Minnesota. Come visit us Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

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