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Stinson's Country Style Meats


There is No Better Place to Bring Your Livestock

Your Local Butcher and Family-Run Slaughterhouse

You'll have a hard time finding another genuine, local, family-run slaughterhouse, butcher shop and smokehouse within the midwest!

Stinson’s Country Style Meats takes care of your animals humanely, leaving you with delicious, wrapped, premium cut meats of your choice with our custom meat processing services.

Particularly known for our hotdogs, we use traditional spices and slowly smoke 300-600 pounds of hotdogs every week right here at our facility!

Our on-site meat processing facility, meat butcher, and smokehouse make sure that the meat you are left with is soft, tender, and ready for the grill!


What Meat Can My Animal Provide?

Get To Know The Different Meat Cuts From Your Animal

Different Animals Provide Different Cuts. Not All Cuts Are Possible On One Animal

We Will Smoke Your Meat

Ensure the Most Delicious Meat For Your Family


On-Site Smokehouse


Don’t Believe Us? Hear It Right From Our Customers


Stinson’s does not take on more inventory than we can handle. We always have enough space for your meat to ensure the tastiest food possible!

Friendly and helpful staff. Prices are fair. Quality is good.

- Chris W.

Very knowledgeable, friendly family run meat market.

- JoAnna B.

Fantastic place, best meat and great prices.

- Jim E.

Great meat, with friendly service.

- Luke Z.

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Stinson’s Country Style Meats is located at 402 W Cedar St, Houston, Minnesota. Come visit us Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

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